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"Welcome 48" Documentary Newborn Photography Session - What is it? 

In Hospital Newborn Family Photographys_Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017

This is a photography session for families who want the first hours of their newborn’s life captured but not have the birth/labour documented.  I come to your hospital/birth centre/home after your baby is born and capture the story of your newborn at just a few hours or days old!

Photographed within 24-48 hours of your baby’s arrival, these documentary sessions perfectly capture the details of these first precious moments that you want to remember forever - tiny feet, milk spots, eyelashes, yawns, first tears, cuddles, a sibling meeting their baby brother/sister for the first time, alongside the details of the room, flowers, hospital bracelet, hospital blanket, momentos and most importantly, images of both parents together with their little one - neither one hidden behind the camera!  

The post-delivery time when you are bonding with your child is something to be cherished. This documentary lifestyle session takes place when emotions are still high and everything is brand new: there is so much going on in those first few days, a whirlwind of treasurable firsts that should be captured - I aim to photograph these moments and feelings for you, creating tangible memories that can be held dear forever. 

It’s different to an at-home newborn session - there will be no props or posing, just beautiful organic moments - lifestyle photography at it’s core.

How does it work?

I’m on-call around your due date, ready to come to your place of delivery or your home when you’re ready for me. The session takes place during daylight within the first 48 hours of delivery and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. I will present an online gallery of high-resolution edited images with a combination of colour and black and white edits. 

Enough chit-chat - let me SHOW you what these session images look like!…

Meet THE most adorable baby girl - at just 1 DAY OLD! I travelled to St Thomas’ Hospital the day after she arrived, capturing the proud parents, their beautiful baby girl and everything that made up their story...

Newborn Photographs St Thomas Hospital_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography
In Hospital Newborn Photography Woking_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
First 48 Hours Newborn Photography Guildford Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
In Hospital Newborn Photography Guildford Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
Documentary Newborn Family Photographs after delivery_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017 Woking Surrey
In Hospital Newborn Photography Chertsey Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
Mum Dad & newborn photographed within 48 of birth_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017 Woking Surrey
Welcome 48 Lifestyle Newborn Family Photographs_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
Documentary Newborn Family Photographs at Hospitals in Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
Newborn Family Photographs at Hospitals in Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017

I cover birth photography, in-hospital and at-home newborn photography sessions in Woking, Guildford, Chobham, Weybridge, Cobham in addition to Chertsey, Kingston, New Malden, Thames Ditton, Esher, Twickenham and the surrounding areas! I specialise in documentary lifestyle photography - natural moments with real emotions. 

Much Love, Susie x

All Images and Content Copyright © Susie Fisher Photography 2017, All Rights Reserved

Susie Fisher is a Woking based on-location photographer, photographing newborns, babies, children, families, children's parties and events in Woking, Guildford and the Surrey surrounds.

Outdoor Family Photo Session I Woking Baby Child & Family Photographer

I LOVE love love seeing families again! Amelie was just a few days old when I photographed her in August 2014 and now she’s a BIG SISTER to the adorable Charlotte! It’s amazing to photograph the changes and meet and capture new family members! Amelie’s newborn session was at their home in Kingston Upon Thames, with a mixture of posed images and natural lifestyle family photographs. This time, 2 years on, we did an on-location outdoor family session - perfect for getting some candid photos of these beautiful sisters in a leafy autumnal backdrop as well as some family shots of them all together. The Paice’s are SUCH a lovely family and the girls are utterly adorable - I hope this shows in their photos! You can see a throwback to their 2014 session at the bottom - see how much Amelie has grown!

David Paice Outdoor Family Photo Session Woking_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography
Woking Children Baby and Family Photographer_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography

Amelie's newborn photo session in August 2014 and most recently at the October 2016 session! 

Woking Childrens Photographer Revisit 2 Years On_Susie Fisher Photography
Woking Newborn Photographer 2 Years Later_Susie Fisher Photography

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Much Love, Susie x x x

All Images and Content Copyright © 2016 Susie Fisher Photography, All Rights Reserved

Susie Fisher is a Woking based photographer, photographing newborns, babies, children, families, children's parties and events in Woking and Surrey in addition to Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond & Twickenham. 

At Home Baby & Family Lifestyle Session I Woking Surrey Baby & Child Photographer

I've relocated from Kingston Upon Thames to Woking! But don't fear - I'm still photographing newborns, families, babies and events in all the same areas, it just now includes Woking as well! There are so many lovely green areas to photograph beautiful outdoor sessions in Woking, I can't wait to meet lots of new families as well as revisit all my amazing clients in Kingston, Richmond, Twickenham and surrounding Surrey areas to see how much their little ones have grown! In the meantime, here is the BEAUTIFUL Annabel and her Mum and Dad, a lifestyle photography session I did for them at their stunning home in Twickenham - she has THE most amazing eyes!

Woking Surrey Baby Family Photographer COPYRIGHT Susie Fisher Photography
In home Family Photographer Woking COPYRIGHT Susie Fisher
Woking At Home Photographer Susie Fisher Photography
Woking Newborn Baby Photographer Susie Fisher Photography

Yes, that is a Christmas tree in the background of some of the images! That is just how far behind with my blogging I am that the photography session of this lovely family is from December last year! But I just HAD to share Annabel - she is so adorable! 

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Much Love, Susie x

All Images and Content Copyright © 2016 Susie Fisher Photography, All Rights Reserved

Susie Fisher is a Woking based photographer, photographing newborns, babies, children, families, children's parties and events in Woking and Surrey in addition to Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond & Twickenham. 

Sibling Photography: Three Brothers {Newborn & Family Photographer Kingston Surrey}

These boys. Capturing images like these is what I love. The variety of shots at a family lifestyle session capture the essence of your family - your child jumping on your bed, dinosaurs roaring towards my camera, holding your newborn in your arms - and then there's the moment when two little boys peer up at me with that look "we know the picture you're after - here it is", and, between all the excitement, there are moments like these that are frozen through imagery to be cherished forever:

And then there's the fun shots!...

Little Louis:

William with his new baby brother:

Oliver with his new baby brother:

Mother, Father + baby Louis:

Baby Theo is One! {On Location Family Photography Salisbury Wiltshire}

Back in June I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Donell family at their home in Salisbury! Baby Theo was so adorable crawling up to the camera - I love the close-ups of him and his cute little expressions! He crawled through his play tunnel to meet me at the other end with delightful enthusiasm - and I hope that shows in the pictures! After capturing some natural family photographs of them all together in their garden, we went on to Queen Elizabeth gardens to photograph Theo and his Mum together on the swings...

Family photography in Salisbury Wiltshire.jpg

LOVE LOVE LOVE this expression....

Salisbury Wiltshire Photographer.jpg

Crawling through the tunnel!...

First Birthday Photograher in Salisbury Wiltshire.jpg

Fun with Mum...

Newborn and Baby photography Susie Fisher Photography.jpg

Fun with Dad...

Natural Family and Baby Photographs in Kingston Surrey.jpg
Baby Photography Salisbury Wiltshire.jpg

Theo and his Mum playing on the swings at Queen Elizabeth gardens...

Candid Professional Family Photographs at Home.jpg

With each Blog Post I will answer a frequently asked question - so if you have any questions at all about photography, cameras, photo-shoots or anything in between, simply write your question in the blog comments space below!

Client Question 2: Should we order prints through you, or get them printed ourselves?
My Answer: My inclusive print-release that comes with all session bookings means you have total flexibility in how you get your photos printed. You can either print them at a high-street lab of your choice, or through me via my professional lab of choice - I love to give my clients the freedom to choose. So what's the difference? The difference between a professional lab print and high-street print is stark - not to go into too much technical detail, but essentially the quality, the colours, the calibration, the contrast, the paper and the longevity and overall look and feel of a pro-print are markedly above and beyond that of a 20p print from your high-street shop, and this is clearly visible when you place them side-by-side. However, each print type certainly serves a purpose depending on what you are wanting to do with your prints - if you are looking to post a couple of your favourite images to your Auntie Hilda in Australia, then high-street prints are perfect - a) they're affordable and b) it won't be a huge upset if they did happen to get lost or damaged in the post on their long journey (though of course you can still post a high-quality print if you want!). But, if you're looking to have your images in a feature collage at home on your wall, blown-up onto a large canvas or have a beautifully framed Fine-Art print - then a professional lab is most definitely the way to go and the products will stand the test of time.

Do you have any questions on photography? Comment in the box below and I will answer!

Jonah's 1st Birthday! {Children's Party Photographer Kingston and London}

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to photograph the lovely Jonah's 1st Birthday near Hyde Park - and what a beautiful party his parents put on for him! With baked sweet potato, crepes, Jelly Pops (look them up - a great idea for children's parties!), and watermelon, strawberries, melon and mango - it was a deliciously colourful summer spread for the children - a HUGE well done to Jonah's Mum and Dad for putting together such a perfect party for their friends and family! Jonah's grandparents had come all the way from Singapore to celebrate - children's parties truly are such a great time to capture all the family together on camera! AND even the sun came out so the children could enjoy some water play in the garden (and the adults quickly discovered an amazing giant bubble wand which they promptly played with all morning - I now want one!). A BIG Happy 1st Birthday to Jonah! 

First Birthday Party Photography.jpg

First up: playroom fun with Grandma upstairs while everyone arrives...

Childrens Photographer Hyde Park London.jpg
Kingston Childrens Photographer.jpg
Baby Photography Kingston.jpg

Downstairs to see the Birthday cake and all the friends and family. Check out the amazing Jelly Pops Jonah's Mum made and the adorable poem that his grandma wrote for his Birthday!

Baby Photography London.jpg

Time for some party food!

Childrens Party Photographer London.jpg

Hard at work outside, one of the Dad's sorts the BBQ!

Childrens Birthday Photographer London.jpg

Time for CAKE!

Childrens Party Photography Coverage.jpg
First Birthday Photos Kingston.jpg

The SUN IS SHINING! Quick, outside to enjoy some water fun!

Childrens Party Photographer Kingston.jpg
Childrens Party Photographer Kingston Upon Thames.jpg

The AMAZING giant bubble wand thingy! Ever wondered what parents do on a weekend? They have endless fun with bubbles...

Childrens Photographer in Kingston.jpg
Family Photographer in Kingston.jpg

Back inside for some family photographs:

Family Photographer Kingston and London.jpg

Time to say goodbye to everyone - how ADORABLE is this little girl?! She was blowing kisses and waving as she walked out the door!

Newborn and Baby Photographer Kingston.jpg

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONAH! A truly delightful little boy and an absolute pleasure to photograph!

Childrens Photographer Kingston.jpg

Baby Rafe: At home with Mum & Dad {Tunbridge Wells Family Photographer}

Client Question 1: Do you cover my area?
My Answer: More than likely, yes! I happily venture far and wide for my photography sessions, and the variety in locations is simply fantastic! When I received the directions to this session, advising me to 'go past the Pooh Corner' and look for the signpost to Pooh Bridge footpath, I knew another beautiful and somewhat magical location was to come! So, off I trotted to Hartfield, the home town of A.A. Milne, to photograph a lovely family at home in their beautiful garden. The sun was shining (phew - a drastic and welcomed change from last weeks hailstone session!), pink blossom danced in the wind and the daffodils awaited their close-up. There is something really rather relaxed about home sessions - and how you feel when having your photograph taken can really make a huge difference to the resulting images. At your own home, you feel comfortable in your own space, children feel at-ease in the recognisable surroundings, and importantly the kettle is within arms reach when a break is needed! Not only that, but the images incorporate much more of your story - your garden, your home and the memories you have there, are all folded in to the images - there is so much more narrative than any plain white studio backdrop can provide. In-studio sessions can tend to be a little formal and rigid, and it can take a while for people to relax in the staged environment.  So, for me personally, I will be continuing on in my adventure to capture all you lovely families outside of a studio and inside your story. A.A. Milne would hopefully agree! Darling baby Rafe, here is one page of your book…

Wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the forest, a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.
― A.A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner

Wishing everyone a happy Easter bank holiday weekend! Susie x


On-Location Family Session - What happens if it rains? { Salisbury Photographer }

Often people ask me "What happens if it rains on the day of our shoot?" It's a very good question - English weather is unpredictable to say the least. Now this lovely family were troopers! Seriously. It all started beautifully - we were walking through the New Forest, the sun was shining through the trees - perfect for some family photographs. After a while, we decided to relocate to more open space - we drove to a new spot, all sat down on the picnic blanket and within minutes were being swept away by what felt like gale force winds. Understandably little chap didn't like it much, and likewise neither did us grown-ups! It's hard to look comfortable when no-one really is - so the best thing to do? Stop, have a break and try again later. I say to families to allow a good couple of hours for their session - most people probably think "How on earth can it take two hours or more to take 25 photos?!" Weather. English weather is the answer. I want the photos I give to my clients to be the absolute best they can be and for everyone to have fun on the session - so, I don't put a time limit on my sessions :) We rendezvoused later in the day at Old Sarum - again, it looked like ideal weather until moments into the session torrential hail stones hit us and we were quickly drenched. Understandably, we took a rain-check after that and we casually walked (crazily speed-walked!) back to the car! I met up with Mum and son at their house during the week for some at-home lifestyle shots to finish the session - and no chance of the weather changing indoors! So in summary, weather happens. BUT - this session ended with a great variety of images and location backdrops - silver lining :) And I've got to give a big thank you to the family for being so patient. It's not fun getting hail stones thrown at your face, especially when you are trying to look beautifully posed for a camera! But, here are the results - I'm very pleased and I hope they are too :)

In the New Forest...

Salisbury and Wiltshire photographer.jpg
New forest family photography.jpg

Relocation to Old Sarum...

Old Sarum on location family photos.jpg

Straight after that, the hail stones arrived! A few days later at home with Mum and son...

Lifestyle family photographer in Salisbury.jpg
Mother and son at home photography.jpg
Black and white fine art family photography.jpg

Logan Mia at home { Baby Photographer Salisbury & Kingston }

Introducing 8 month old Logan Mia - an at-home baby lifestyle session. I have a soft spot for this little lady - she's my niece! She smiles - a lot! In fact, her Mummy chose lots of images from the session where she wasn't smiling, because she wanted to capture her baby girl as she was at this age - some images with no smiles, no distractions, simply her beautiful face and features. So - voila! A selection of photographs of her fabulous grin as well as some 'serious' Logan faces!

Professional baby photographer at your home.jpg
Baby Photography Logan.jpg

Crib life...

Baby photographer in Kingston and in Salisbury.jpg
Baby photographer at your home.jpg
Baby girl photographed in her crib.jpg
8 months old professional baby photographs.jpg
Baby girl playing with bubbles in her crib.jpg

If you take one more photo of me...

Black and white baby girl photography.jpg
Professional baby photographer in your home.jpg
Professional baby photographer in Kingston.jpg
Baby photographer Salisbury Wiltshire.jpg
Wiltshire and Surrey baby photographer.jpg
Beautiful baby photography.jpg

What is 'Lifestyle' Photography? { Baby Lifestyle Photography, Kingston }

How could I not feature this little lady on my blog!? She's the kind of girl who, when you leave the room then come back in, smiles at you like she's never, ever seen you before. Darling! The below is a fab example of a baby lifestyle session. What is a 'lifestyle' session Susie, what on earth do you mean?! Do I pour tea in my kitchen, trying to look casual while you take photos? Do we pretend to watch TV whilst eating a tin of Roses as you snap away? (TV and chocolates are certainly my 'lifestyle', but it's not really what we want photographs of, right?) So, in a nutshell, this is what it really is…It's either on-location or at your home, and it is quintessentially you - natural, relaxed, simple, unforced. There's no crazy intricate studio lighting set-up, there's no big blank intimidating (insert colour of choice) backdrop that you stand in front of and feel increasingly awkward as I haul out my 70-200mm lens and insist you 'smile with your eyes' (as the lovely Jude pictured below was once asked to do!). I have to admit, I have absolutely no idea how to smile with my eyes either. Attempting it makes me look like I'm simply very, very surprised. Anyway, suffice to say this lovely Kingstonian family absolutely nailed their lifestyle session - no 'smiling with your eyes' required! Take a little look, comment, and oooohhh and arrrr at the delightful-ness that is Isabelle!

Natural Professional Baby Photography_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography Kingston Surrey_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Mother and child photography Kingston by Susie Fisher.jpg
Newborn Baby Photographer Kingston Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Family Photography in Surrey_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography at your home in Kingston_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography Kingston Father and Baby by Susie Fisher.jpg
Natural Family Photography Kingston by Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Lifestyle Baby and Family Photos at home_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg

December Family Photos in Greenwich Park { London Family Photography }

It was a real pleasure to hear from this Mum again, to arrange for some autumn/winter family photos of her and her adorable little boy. We decided to shoot at Greenwich Park, where she often went as a young girl herself, 'hanging-out' by the band-stand with her friends! Jack got to see where Mum used to 'hang' as a teenager, chase the plentiful squirrels on the grounds, visit the deer (though they weren't very interested in us, despite Jack clutching the fence in anticipation of the amazing deer we'd promised he'd see - recommend binoculars!). He has such a lovely nature about him, and despite the chilly winter's day he was a real trooper, with that cute smile appearing for the camera throughout the session! Take a look at our day...

Greenwich Park Photography_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
On-location lifestyle photography.jpg
Sarah & Jack_Susie Fisher Photography (9 of 20).jpg
Mother and son photography on location at greenwich park.jpg
Black and white London Photographer Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Greenwich Park Lifestyle Photo Shoot.jpg
Susie Fisher Photography Kingston Photographer.jpg
Christmas Photos at Greenwich Park by Susie Fisher.jpg
Little boy at Greenwich Deer Park.jpg