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"Welcome 48" Documentary Newborn Photography Session - What is it? 

In Hospital Newborn Family Photographys_Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017

This is a photography session for families who want the first hours of their newborn’s life captured but not have the birth/labour documented.  I come to your hospital/birth centre/home after your baby is born and capture the story of your newborn at just a few hours or days old!

Photographed within 24-48 hours of your baby’s arrival, these documentary sessions perfectly capture the details of these first precious moments that you want to remember forever - tiny feet, milk spots, eyelashes, yawns, first tears, cuddles, a sibling meeting their baby brother/sister for the first time, alongside the details of the room, flowers, hospital bracelet, hospital blanket, momentos and most importantly, images of both parents together with their little one - neither one hidden behind the camera!  

The post-delivery time when you are bonding with your child is something to be cherished. This documentary lifestyle session takes place when emotions are still high and everything is brand new: there is so much going on in those first few days, a whirlwind of treasurable firsts that should be captured - I aim to photograph these moments and feelings for you, creating tangible memories that can be held dear forever. 

It’s different to an at-home newborn session - there will be no props or posing, just beautiful organic moments - lifestyle photography at it’s core.

How does it work?

I’m on-call around your due date, ready to come to your place of delivery or your home when you’re ready for me. The session takes place during daylight within the first 48 hours of delivery and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. I will present an online gallery of high-resolution edited images with a combination of colour and black and white edits. 

Enough chit-chat - let me SHOW you what these session images look like!…

Meet THE most adorable baby girl - at just 1 DAY OLD! I travelled to St Thomas’ Hospital the day after she arrived, capturing the proud parents, their beautiful baby girl and everything that made up their story...

Newborn Photographs St Thomas Hospital_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography
In Hospital Newborn Photography Woking_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
First 48 Hours Newborn Photography Guildford Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
In Hospital Newborn Photography Guildford Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
Documentary Newborn Family Photographs after delivery_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017 Woking Surrey
In Hospital Newborn Photography Chertsey Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
Mum Dad & newborn photographed within 48 of birth_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017 Woking Surrey
Welcome 48 Lifestyle Newborn Family Photographs_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
Documentary Newborn Family Photographs at Hospitals in Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017
Newborn Family Photographs at Hospitals in Surrey_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography 2017

I cover birth photography, in-hospital and at-home newborn photography sessions in Woking, Guildford, Chobham, Weybridge, Cobham in addition to Chertsey, Kingston, New Malden, Thames Ditton, Esher, Twickenham and the surrounding areas! I specialise in documentary lifestyle photography - natural moments with real emotions. 

Much Love, Susie x

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Susie Fisher is a Woking based on-location photographer, photographing newborns, babies, children, families, children's parties and events in Woking, Guildford and the Surrey surrounds.

Sibling & Family Photography Session {Newborn Photographer Tunbridge Wells}

Time for a little personal blog post to welcome the newest member of the Fisher family: George Benjamin Edward Fisher - my first nephew! This week I've had time to catch up on all my editing and I'm so pleased I can now share this session with you! Just as well too, as he's so much bigger now he'll be ready for his next photo-shoot soon! :) See how my niece, little miss Lara, got on introducing her baby brother to the world of Auntie Susie's photography sessions…My sister-in-law explained that the words 'gently' and 'carefully' had featured heavily in the first few weeks of Lara getting to know George! A cunning bribe of some chocolate buttons to get her to sit still for a few minutes and voila - a few fab pictures of these two together. Getting photos of a newborn together with their sibling can be tricky - but the time invested in capturing some beautiful images of the newest teeny tiny member of your family at just a few days old with their brother/sister(s), I have absolutely no doubt will truly be treasured forever.

Lara and George in Lara's 'big' bedroom -  she's been upgraded from the smaller nursery room since George came along - the bonus of having a sibling ;)

George's first photo-shoot - look at his ickle sneeze face!

Photographing newborn features: l.o.v.e...

Mummy time:

Daddy time:

Time for some king-of-the-house posing now George...

Don't worry, Mummy's got her eye on you!

Lara waiting patiently for her close up:

And later, after a long day in front of the camera, Lara had some well deserved TV time with Mr Tumble:

Bling - love seeing the wedding rings in this one:

"Yup, I think I'm going to enjoy being a Fisher!" The Thoughts of Master George Fisher

What is 'Lifestyle' Photography? { Baby Lifestyle Photography, Kingston }

How could I not feature this little lady on my blog!? She's the kind of girl who, when you leave the room then come back in, smiles at you like she's never, ever seen you before. Darling! The below is a fab example of a baby lifestyle session. What is a 'lifestyle' session Susie, what on earth do you mean?! Do I pour tea in my kitchen, trying to look casual while you take photos? Do we pretend to watch TV whilst eating a tin of Roses as you snap away? (TV and chocolates are certainly my 'lifestyle', but it's not really what we want photographs of, right?) So, in a nutshell, this is what it really is…It's either on-location or at your home, and it is quintessentially you - natural, relaxed, simple, unforced. There's no crazy intricate studio lighting set-up, there's no big blank intimidating (insert colour of choice) backdrop that you stand in front of and feel increasingly awkward as I haul out my 70-200mm lens and insist you 'smile with your eyes' (as the lovely Jude pictured below was once asked to do!). I have to admit, I have absolutely no idea how to smile with my eyes either. Attempting it makes me look like I'm simply very, very surprised. Anyway, suffice to say this lovely Kingstonian family absolutely nailed their lifestyle session - no 'smiling with your eyes' required! Take a little look, comment, and oooohhh and arrrr at the delightful-ness that is Isabelle!

Natural Professional Baby Photography_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography Kingston Surrey_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Mother and child photography Kingston by Susie Fisher.jpg
Newborn Baby Photographer Kingston Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Family Photography in Surrey_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography at your home in Kingston_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography Kingston Father and Baby by Susie Fisher.jpg
Natural Family Photography Kingston by Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Lifestyle Baby and Family Photos at home_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg

Welcome to the world: Isabelle Rose { Kingston London Newborn Photography }

This beautiful baby girl slept for the.WHOLE.session - a photographer's dream! Of course, there were a couple of baby-breaks, but then she quickly nestled back down in a deep snooze for some more modelling! Welcome to the world Isabelle Rose. Susie x

Kingston and Greater London Newborn and Baby Photography  
Kingston and Greater London Newborn and Baby Photography showing close-up macro images of a newborn baby girl's big blue eyes, tiny fingers and toes and eyelashes, as she snuggles on a white fluffy blanket
Images by Kingston Newborn Photographer Susie Fisher showing black and white macro close-ups of a newborn baby girl's nose, lips, eyelashes and toes using the Canon 100mm 2.8 L lens.
Fine art black and white newborn photography of a baby girl wrapped up in a flokati wrap, nestled on a big dark blanket with her hands by her head ad she sleeps
Sleeping newborn baby girl wrapped up in a white lace wrap, layered with a floral blanket and big white fluffy backdrop underneath her at an in-home newborn session in Kingston, London.