Logan Mia at home { Baby Photographer Salisbury & Kingston }

Introducing 8 month old Logan Mia - an at-home baby lifestyle session. I have a soft spot for this little lady - she's my niece! She smiles - a lot! In fact, her Mummy chose lots of images from the session where she wasn't smiling, because she wanted to capture her baby girl as she was at this age - some images with no smiles, no distractions, simply her beautiful face and features. So - voila! A selection of photographs of her fabulous grin as well as some 'serious' Logan faces!

Professional baby photographer at your home.jpg
Baby Photography Logan.jpg

Crib life...

Baby photographer in Kingston and in Salisbury.jpg
Baby photographer at your home.jpg
Baby girl photographed in her crib.jpg
8 months old professional baby photographs.jpg
Baby girl playing with bubbles in her crib.jpg

If you take one more photo of me...

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Professional baby photographer in your home.jpg
Professional baby photographer in Kingston.jpg
Baby photographer Salisbury Wiltshire.jpg
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