On-Location Family Session - What happens if it rains? { Salisbury Photographer }

Often people ask me "What happens if it rains on the day of our shoot?" It's a very good question - English weather is unpredictable to say the least. Now this lovely family were troopers! Seriously. It all started beautifully - we were walking through the New Forest, the sun was shining through the trees - perfect for some family photographs. After a while, we decided to relocate to more open space - we drove to a new spot, all sat down on the picnic blanket and within minutes were being swept away by what felt like gale force winds. Understandably little chap didn't like it much, and likewise neither did us grown-ups! It's hard to look comfortable when no-one really is - so the best thing to do? Stop, have a break and try again later. I say to families to allow a good couple of hours for their session - most people probably think "How on earth can it take two hours or more to take 25 photos?!" Weather. English weather is the answer. I want the photos I give to my clients to be the absolute best they can be and for everyone to have fun on the session - so, I don't put a time limit on my sessions :) We rendezvoused later in the day at Old Sarum - again, it looked like ideal weather until moments into the session torrential hail stones hit us and we were quickly drenched. Understandably, we took a rain-check after that and we casually walked (crazily speed-walked!) back to the car! I met up with Mum and son at their house during the week for some at-home lifestyle shots to finish the session - and no chance of the weather changing indoors! So in summary, weather happens. BUT - this session ended with a great variety of images and location backdrops - silver lining :) And I've got to give a big thank you to the family for being so patient. It's not fun getting hail stones thrown at your face, especially when you are trying to look beautifully posed for a camera! But, here are the results - I'm very pleased and I hope they are too :)

In the New Forest...

Salisbury and Wiltshire photographer.jpg
New forest family photography.jpg

Relocation to Old Sarum...

Old Sarum on location family photos.jpg

Straight after that, the hail stones arrived! A few days later at home with Mum and son...

Lifestyle family photographer in Salisbury.jpg
Mother and son at home photography.jpg
Black and white fine art family photography.jpg