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Birth Photography: it's a thing - an amazing thing. {Woking Surrey Photographer}

When I tell people I do birth photography, many screw their faces up with bewilderment and ask why on earth women would want their labour captured. In short, to say the images are immensely powerful is an understatement - they offer parents a tangible record of their child's birth, their first breaths, the very first moments of meeting their newborn! I document the specific details of the day, all the little subtleties that make up their birth story that can typically go unnoticed during the intense and emotional labour process and which can quickly be forgotten. The different stages of the birth are captured, the very first minutes of the baby’s life are documented - without parents having to think about taking photos themselves, allowing them to be fully present in the moment

At the start of the year, I began offering my services as a birth photographer in Surrey and I’m so excited to share with you the images from one of my first birth photography sessions:

Back in March, I captured the birth of Siobhan’s third baby boy, Ailbe Fox, at West Middlesex University Hospital, Queen Mary’s Maternity Unit, in the Natural Birth Centre. Siobhan is a Mum to three boys, a hypnobirthing teacher and founder of The Positive Birth Company. She also writes the blog The Double Mama. She currently offers hypnobirthing classes in London and Devon. Yes, she is superwoman!

So, what's this all about? Why are people choosing to have a professional photographer, a stranger(!), at such a private event?

I asked Siobhan...

Q: Why did you choose to have a birth photographer?  

"I had the most beautiful magical home birth with my second baby. It was Christmas time and he was born in front of the Christmas tree. It was a picture-perfect scene. My only regret is that I have only one photo from the day. The photo was taken by partner moments after I gave birth and although I treasure it, it's quite out of focus and not exactly well-framed. I knew then that if I were to have another baby I would definitely get a birth photographer to attend. People don't think twice about booking a photographer for a wedding because it's a special day that they want to remember forever. In my opinion the same goes for birth. It's the most important day of your life and you're usually so preoccupied with being in labour and actually birthing the small human that your memories are pretty hazy. I wanted to have my birth documented so that I could always look back on my photos and remember what an incredible time it was."

Q: How do the resulting images make you feel? 

"I am so so proud of the photos I have of my third baby's birth. They show what a calm, serene and beautiful birth it was. I love to share them because I want other women to know that this is what birth looks like! Not the drama, and often horror, you see on the telly. Birth can be beautiful and I'm so happy that I have photos to prove this."

Q: Would you recommend having a birth photographer? 

"Absolutely 100 million per cent! Hand on heart I can say you won't have any regrets. Does anyone ever regret having photos?! Susie was amazing and so discreet that I wasn't even aware she was in the room. If inhibitions are stopping you, know that by the time you are giving birth and are in the zone, you will feel a lot less inhibited. Plus you can always wear a bikini top in a birth pool like I did!"

A selection of images from Siobhan’s Birth Story: 

* PLEASE NOTE - this gallery exemplifies Siobhan’s story - she opted for a dark room lit only by LED candle light - every birth story is different and the resulting images are impacted hugely by the amount of light in the room. The darker the room, the grainier the images will be. I only shoot with available light during these sessions to ensure there is no distracting flash lighting. Birth photography is documentary photography - everything is captured exactly as it is, nothing is moved or altered and post-processing of the images is kept to a minimum to ensure the images truly reflect the story.

Birth Photographer Queen Mary Maternity Unit_Susie Fisher Photography
Birth Photographer Woking Surrey_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg

The Maternity team at West Mid Hospital were truly amazing - I watched on with oodles of respect for them as they calmly ensured the safe arrival of this little boy. Ailbe Fox was born at 3.36pm:

Birth Photography West Mid Hospital Surrey Natural Birth Centre_Susie Fisher Photography
Birth Photography Surrey UK_Susie Fisher Photography
Birth Photographer in Woking Surrey London_Copyright Susie Fisher Photography.jpg

I offer birth photography in Woking, Guildford, Chertsey, Kingston upon Thames, Twickenham and surrounding areas in Surrey - hospitals/homes/birthing centres that are within roughly 40 minutes drive of me, to ensure I can get there to capture the story and little ones arrival! 

You can read more about my birth photography here.  

Any questions or comments for Siobhan or myself, please post below!

Much love, Susie x

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Susie Fisher is a Woking based photographer, photographing births, newborns, babies, children, families, children's parties and events in Woking, Guildford and Surrey in addition to Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond & Twickenham. 

Sibling Photography: Three Brothers {Newborn & Family Photographer Kingston Surrey}

These boys. Capturing images like these is what I love. The variety of shots at a family lifestyle session capture the essence of your family - your child jumping on your bed, dinosaurs roaring towards my camera, holding your newborn in your arms - and then there's the moment when two little boys peer up at me with that look "we know the picture you're after - here it is", and, between all the excitement, there are moments like these that are frozen through imagery to be cherished forever:

And then there's the fun shots!...

Little Louis:

William with his new baby brother:

Oliver with his new baby brother:

Mother, Father + baby Louis:

Baby Theo is One! {On Location Family Photography Salisbury Wiltshire}

Back in June I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Donell family at their home in Salisbury! Baby Theo was so adorable crawling up to the camera - I love the close-ups of him and his cute little expressions! He crawled through his play tunnel to meet me at the other end with delightful enthusiasm - and I hope that shows in the pictures! After capturing some natural family photographs of them all together in their garden, we went on to Queen Elizabeth gardens to photograph Theo and his Mum together on the swings...

Family photography in Salisbury Wiltshire.jpg

LOVE LOVE LOVE this expression....

Salisbury Wiltshire Photographer.jpg

Crawling through the tunnel!...

First Birthday Photograher in Salisbury Wiltshire.jpg

Fun with Mum...

Newborn and Baby photography Susie Fisher Photography.jpg

Fun with Dad...

Natural Family and Baby Photographs in Kingston Surrey.jpg
Baby Photography Salisbury Wiltshire.jpg

Theo and his Mum playing on the swings at Queen Elizabeth gardens...

Candid Professional Family Photographs at Home.jpg

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Client Question 2: Should we order prints through you, or get them printed ourselves?
My Answer: My inclusive print-release that comes with all session bookings means you have total flexibility in how you get your photos printed. You can either print them at a high-street lab of your choice, or through me via my professional lab of choice - I love to give my clients the freedom to choose. So what's the difference? The difference between a professional lab print and high-street print is stark - not to go into too much technical detail, but essentially the quality, the colours, the calibration, the contrast, the paper and the longevity and overall look and feel of a pro-print are markedly above and beyond that of a 20p print from your high-street shop, and this is clearly visible when you place them side-by-side. However, each print type certainly serves a purpose depending on what you are wanting to do with your prints - if you are looking to post a couple of your favourite images to your Auntie Hilda in Australia, then high-street prints are perfect - a) they're affordable and b) it won't be a huge upset if they did happen to get lost or damaged in the post on their long journey (though of course you can still post a high-quality print if you want!). But, if you're looking to have your images in a feature collage at home on your wall, blown-up onto a large canvas or have a beautifully framed Fine-Art print - then a professional lab is most definitely the way to go and the products will stand the test of time.

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