Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding

An Italian Wedding in Weybridge I Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding Photography

Recently I had the pleasure of second-shooting for Charlie Campey Photography at Antonella and Augusto's Wedding at Oatlands Park Hotel in Weybridge, Surrey. My first Italian wedding and wow - Italians sure can party! Conga line - check. Bride being carried - check. Groom being carried (!) - check! It was fun-filled from start to finish - are all Italian weddings like this?! I hope so! This wedding is a great example of when evening wedding photography coverage is a must - these are some of my favourite dancing shots! Oh, and fact of the day, the great cedar tree at the front of Oatlands Park hotel was planted by Charles I to celebrate the birth of his son (I love me some history)!

Surrey Wedding Photographer_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg
Kingston Wedding Photographer_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg
Surrey Wedding Photography_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg

Just before the brides walk down the aisle with her two beautiful daughter's...(and those other two little girls sat in the aisle watching the ceremony were so adorable!)

Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding Photography_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg
Kingston Upon Thames Wedding Photographer_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg

Hurrah! Walking down the aisle at Oatlands Park Hotel as Mr & Mrs!...

Kingston Surrey Wedding Photographer_Susie Fisher.jpg

Never before have you seen a girl in such anticipation of the bouquet toss!...

Oatlands Park Hotel Wedding Photography_Susie Fisher.jpg
Surrey Wedding Photographer_Copyright Susie Fisher .jpg

And here they are - the awesome Italians partying, I simply love these shots!

Weybridge Surrey Wedding Photographer_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg

And now it's the grooms turn!

Surrey Wedding Photographer at Oatlands Park_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg

“Che cosa guardi?” ...

Surrey Wedding Photographer_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg

Aaaaaand the night wouldn't be complete without a crazy conga wedding party line

Weybridge Wedding Photographer_Copyright Susie Fisher.jpg

Q. Client Question: What is a second-shooter and why do photographer's have them?

A. When my friend's ask me what I did at the weekend, and I reply saying "I second-shot a wedding", the response I usually get is "You did what?" 

For those that wonder what second-shooting is - essentially this is when the primary shooter (the photographer you hired to photograph your wedding) brings another photographer with them - their "second". The extra photographer on the same job works in unison with the lead photographer, adding another dimension to the visual record of the day. For example, the lead shooter will most likely stand at the front during the ceremony to capture the bride and groom, while the second-shooter will most likely be at the back of the room/church capturing the entire scene. As you can see above, those little children watching the ceremony in the aisle were adorable - my position at the back of the room meant I was there to see it happening and ultimately capture a part of the story of the day that the bride and groom may never have known about otherwise.

Essentially, you can’t be in two places at once - weddings often have strict timelines and the moment the bride’s Dad walks in to the room to see his beautiful daughter in her dress for the first time, may well be the same time that the groom is having his boutonniere put on by his Mum - both key moments that ideally you want captured. A second shooter provides backup, logistical support if necessary and another view of the wedding day captured on camera. 

Thank you so much to Charlie for inviting me to second-shoot this amazing Oatlands Park Hotel wedding!

Love, Susie x