Tom & Abi's GIF {Engagement photographer Kingston & Salisbury}

Sooooo. Today, after much frustration, I figured out how to make GIFs in Photshop and, then the very tricky part (for me anyway!) how to actually share them on my blog! It took a few cups of tea, but I got there in the end. There were moments when I was ready to GIF up (ahaha!...okay, maybe not funny - it's been a very long day of GIFs!) I cannot tell you how happy I am that I nailed it - hopefully my website won't break after me trying my hand at DIY html!?

I am so pleased to present my very first GIF, made up from a succession of images taken at Tom and Abi's engagement shoot back in November. It won't make much sense if I don't explain why this is so sweet - so we basically wanted a few shots of the two love birds together without the two dogs - I LOVE dogs, but of course we wanted some images of just the two of them as well. As you can imagine, as soon as we didn't want the dogs in, they were totally up for being models! :) The other excitable doggy was tied up next to us by a tree, but we thought this one would happily sit outside the shot. That didn't happen - so Tom threw a stick in the hope it would entertain the dog for a little while and, hey-presto, within seconds the dog is back, tail wagging as if to say - "Hey! You know that stick you just threw? Yeah, I really can't be bothered to get it. So I'm back! Miss me?" (if you've ever seen the film Up, you can imagine dogs comically talking with a human voice very easily!) I think there is one frame where there is no evidence of a dog - but I love it - in just a few frames, this GIF tells a story...

Engagement Shoot photo Dog.gif

What do you think about GIFs? Shall I do more of them with future session images? Comment below - I would love to know what your thoughts are! Maybe I'll do a GIF when I shoot their wedding day and GIF it to them as a GIFt :) Too much?! Susie x