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Sibling & Family Photography Session {Newborn Photographer Tunbridge Wells}

Time for a little personal blog post to welcome the newest member of the Fisher family: George Benjamin Edward Fisher - my first nephew! This week I've had time to catch up on all my editing and I'm so pleased I can now share this session with you! Just as well too, as he's so much bigger now he'll be ready for his next photo-shoot soon! :) See how my niece, little miss Lara, got on introducing her baby brother to the world of Auntie Susie's photography sessions…My sister-in-law explained that the words 'gently' and 'carefully' had featured heavily in the first few weeks of Lara getting to know George! A cunning bribe of some chocolate buttons to get her to sit still for a few minutes and voila - a few fab pictures of these two together. Getting photos of a newborn together with their sibling can be tricky - but the time invested in capturing some beautiful images of the newest teeny tiny member of your family at just a few days old with their brother/sister(s), I have absolutely no doubt will truly be treasured forever.

Lara and George in Lara's 'big' bedroom -  she's been upgraded from the smaller nursery room since George came along - the bonus of having a sibling ;)

George's first photo-shoot - look at his ickle sneeze face!

Photographing newborn features: l.o.v.e...

Mummy time:

Daddy time:

Time for some king-of-the-house posing now George...

Don't worry, Mummy's got her eye on you!

Lara waiting patiently for her close up:

And later, after a long day in front of the camera, Lara had some well deserved TV time with Mr Tumble:

Bling - love seeing the wedding rings in this one:

"Yup, I think I'm going to enjoy being a Fisher!" The Thoughts of Master George Fisher

Baby Rafe: At home with Mum & Dad {Tunbridge Wells Family Photographer}

Client Question 1: Do you cover my area?
My Answer: More than likely, yes! I happily venture far and wide for my photography sessions, and the variety in locations is simply fantastic! When I received the directions to this session, advising me to 'go past the Pooh Corner' and look for the signpost to Pooh Bridge footpath, I knew another beautiful and somewhat magical location was to come! So, off I trotted to Hartfield, the home town of A.A. Milne, to photograph a lovely family at home in their beautiful garden. The sun was shining (phew - a drastic and welcomed change from last weeks hailstone session!), pink blossom danced in the wind and the daffodils awaited their close-up. There is something really rather relaxed about home sessions - and how you feel when having your photograph taken can really make a huge difference to the resulting images. At your own home, you feel comfortable in your own space, children feel at-ease in the recognisable surroundings, and importantly the kettle is within arms reach when a break is needed! Not only that, but the images incorporate much more of your story - your garden, your home and the memories you have there, are all folded in to the images - there is so much more narrative than any plain white studio backdrop can provide. In-studio sessions can tend to be a little formal and rigid, and it can take a while for people to relax in the staged environment.  So, for me personally, I will be continuing on in my adventure to capture all you lovely families outside of a studio and inside your story. A.A. Milne would hopefully agree! Darling baby Rafe, here is one page of your book…

Wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the forest, a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.
― A.A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner

Wishing everyone a happy Easter bank holiday weekend! Susie x