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I've relocated from Kingston Upon Thames to Woking! But don't fear - I'm still photographing newborns, families, babies and events in all the same areas, it just now includes Woking as well! There are so many lovely green areas to photograph beautiful outdoor sessions in Woking, I can't wait to meet lots of new families as well as revisit all my amazing clients in Kingston, Richmond, Twickenham and surrounding Surrey areas to see how much their little ones have grown! In the meantime, here is the BEAUTIFUL Annabel and her Mum and Dad, a lifestyle photography session I did for them at their stunning home in Twickenham - she has THE most amazing eyes!

Woking Surrey Baby Family Photographer COPYRIGHT Susie Fisher Photography
In home Family Photographer Woking COPYRIGHT Susie Fisher
Woking At Home Photographer Susie Fisher Photography
Woking Newborn Baby Photographer Susie Fisher Photography

Yes, that is a Christmas tree in the background of some of the images! That is just how far behind with my blogging I am that the photography session of this lovely family is from December last year! But I just HAD to share Annabel - she is so adorable! 

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Much Love, Susie x

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Susie Fisher is a Woking based photographer, photographing newborns, babies, children, families, children's parties and events in Woking and Surrey in addition to Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond & Twickenham. 

What is 'Lifestyle' Photography? { Baby Lifestyle Photography, Kingston }

How could I not feature this little lady on my blog!? She's the kind of girl who, when you leave the room then come back in, smiles at you like she's never, ever seen you before. Darling! The below is a fab example of a baby lifestyle session. What is a 'lifestyle' session Susie, what on earth do you mean?! Do I pour tea in my kitchen, trying to look casual while you take photos? Do we pretend to watch TV whilst eating a tin of Roses as you snap away? (TV and chocolates are certainly my 'lifestyle', but it's not really what we want photographs of, right?) So, in a nutshell, this is what it really is…It's either on-location or at your home, and it is quintessentially you - natural, relaxed, simple, unforced. There's no crazy intricate studio lighting set-up, there's no big blank intimidating (insert colour of choice) backdrop that you stand in front of and feel increasingly awkward as I haul out my 70-200mm lens and insist you 'smile with your eyes' (as the lovely Jude pictured below was once asked to do!). I have to admit, I have absolutely no idea how to smile with my eyes either. Attempting it makes me look like I'm simply very, very surprised. Anyway, suffice to say this lovely Kingstonian family absolutely nailed their lifestyle session - no 'smiling with your eyes' required! Take a little look, comment, and oooohhh and arrrr at the delightful-ness that is Isabelle!

Natural Professional Baby Photography_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography Kingston Surrey_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Mother and child photography Kingston by Susie Fisher.jpg
Newborn Baby Photographer Kingston Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Family Photography in Surrey_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography at your home in Kingston_Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
Baby Photography Kingston Father and Baby by Susie Fisher.jpg
Natural Family Photography Kingston by Susie Fisher Photography.jpg
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Welcome to the world: Isabelle Rose { Kingston London Newborn Photography }

This beautiful baby girl slept for the.WHOLE.session - a photographer's dream! Of course, there were a couple of baby-breaks, but then she quickly nestled back down in a deep snooze for some more modelling! Welcome to the world Isabelle Rose. Susie x

Kingston and Greater London Newborn and Baby Photography  
Kingston and Greater London Newborn and Baby Photography showing close-up macro images of a newborn baby girl's big blue eyes, tiny fingers and toes and eyelashes, as she snuggles on a white fluffy blanket
Images by Kingston Newborn Photographer Susie Fisher showing black and white macro close-ups of a newborn baby girl's nose, lips, eyelashes and toes using the Canon 100mm 2.8 L lens.
Fine art black and white newborn photography of a baby girl wrapped up in a flokati wrap, nestled on a big dark blanket with her hands by her head ad she sleeps
Sleeping newborn baby girl wrapped up in a white lace wrap, layered with a floral blanket and big white fluffy backdrop underneath her at an in-home newborn session in Kingston, London.