Birth Photography - documenting the emotions of bringing new life into the world and the journey to parenthood
Birth photography is rapidly growing in popularity and has become a well-established genre in the photographic world. Images are immensely powerful, and offer parents a tangible record of their child's birth and the very first moments of meeting their newborn. As a documentary lifestyle photographer, it would be a privilege to photograph the birth of your child.

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Why have a birth photographer? This is the moment your child's life begins.
Labour is a very personal journey and inviting an outsider in to photograph it all can be a big decision for many parents-to-be. Bringing new life into the world: a whole new person that you have created entering the world, a hugely significant and precious time, a life changing event that will shape the rest of your life. You are pushed through the extremities of emotions with those closest to you - be it your partner, your husband, your Mum, your sister and/or a friend. The moments shared between you and all those involved both preceding and following the arrival of your child are so precious, defining your relationship and the connections that you share - a mother's empathy, a husband's support, a midwife's reassuring words.
A birth photographer will capture all of this. They will document the specific details of the day - the hospital, the time, the weather, the birthing room - all the little subtleties that make up your birth story that can typically go unnoticed during the intense and emotional labour process and can quickly be forgotten. The different stages and development of the birth are captured, the very first moments of your baby’s life are documented and your first contact with your child is recorded - without having to think about taking photos yourself, when really all you want is to just enjoy that very moment.

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Details - respecting your space
Labour is unpredictable - as such I will be on-call during the final few weeks of your pregnancy. I only shoot with available light during these sessions to ensure there is no distracting flash lighting - I will be fully prepared to shoot in low light. I will mainly post-process in black and white, with a few images left in colour. I will always shoot from the most flattering angles, respect your privacy, become fully acquainted with the hospitals birthing room etiquette and most importantly, do my utmost to ensure my images capture all the tender and powerful moments that transpired to tell your birth story. 

Birth Photographer Woking Surrey _COPYRIGHT Susie Fisher Photography
Birth Photographer Woking Guildford _COPYRIGHT Susie Fisher Photography

If you are considering having a birth photographer and have any questions at all, please contact me for more information and to arrange a phone or in-person consultation to see if I'm the right fit for you and discuss the details. 

Take a look at my PINTEREST board for inspirational images of birth photography from some worldwide photographer's to see how truly wonderful it is.

Woking Birth Photographer covering Woking, Chertsey, Weybridge, Guildford, Farnborough, Leatherhead, Aldershot, Kingston, Camberley - as a general rule the place of delivery needs to be within approximately 40 minutes drive of me, to ensure I can get to you in ample time to capture the arrival of the newest addition to your family! If you are unsure if this includes your area, please email me and we can discuss logistics!