Children's Birthday Parties - relax and celebrate

Ever been to a children's Birthday party where all the parents, grandparents and family friends are furiously scrambling around trying to capture every second of it on their camera? I have. And it's not pretty. More often than not you wind up with lots of photos of other people getting in the way taking photos. You love them, of course, but you do wish that the back of Uncle John's head wasn't masking an otherwise beautiful image of little Felix blowing out his three candles. Your Sister means well, but she's in every photo with her iPhone glued to her face. Really, you want images of everyone invited enjoying and celebrating your child's special day. When you hire a professional photographer for your child's birthday you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.  No worrying about 'getting the shot', having your camera permanently plastered to your face for the entire day or rushing around asking everyone to smile and pose - you get to actually enjoy your child's birthday, safe in the knowledge that someone else is getting all those special moments on camera for you.


Example Sessions

  • Birthday Party Coverage - from a garden party at home, a hired hall, or a magician - whatever you have planned for a children's party, I can sweep around the location capturing smiles and key moments.
  • The first birthday is a special milestone and an occasion you will always want to remember. A Cake Smash session is great for first (or even second) birthday photographs - I come to your home and set-up everything that's needed either indoors or outdoors (weather pending!). These shoots are fun and messy. Essentially, the little one gets a big beautiful cake put in front of them and they are allowed to dive in! These sessions produce fantastically unique images of your one-year-old in their element. Take a look at my 'Cake Smash' Pinterest board to get a much better idea of how these sessions work. Think large cake (yum!) or giant cupcake, a consistent colour theme and styled session - we'll discuss all the details beforehand!
  • Celebrate your child's birthday milestone with an on-location family session capturing Mum, Dad, birthday boy/girl and their siblings all interacting together.

Everyone on Camera

Another huge bonus to hiring a pro is that everyone is in the photographs - when I look back at my birthday photos, I don't see my Dad. Why? Because he was always behind the camera. I know he was there, but it's just not the same! You don't have to be throwing an extravagant party to justify hiring a photographer - for many, having all the family together in one place is rare, so it's a great time to update the family album.

Tell People there's a 'Tog

In the invitations, it's a great idea to tell people that there will be a photographer there and that they don't need to worry about documenting the day. All the photographs delivered will be made available in a private online gallery for everyone to view - this can be shared again and again and won't expire.

We're not hiring a hall - can we still have a photographer?

Of course! Whether you've hired a venue or are having a simple family get-together at home, I can take fabulous photographs. I'm skilled in the art of doing gymnastics and limbo-ing in the tiniest of places to get those much-loved shots. While I'm running around in the background, you get to enjoy the party and socialise!

Or, give me a call on 07790 866841

Useful information to include in your email: the age of the child, event date, party location (at home, local leisure centre, football grounds, picnic at the local gardens etc), roughly how many guests there will be (adults + children), if there will be an entertainer e.g. magician, clown etc!