Beautiful Newborn Photography

The newborn stage is enchanting but oh so fleeting! It is amazing how much your new addition to the family will change in just a few short weeks - and never again will they be so tiny! The first few days are immensely precious, and those distinct little newborn attributes - those tiny toes, milk spots, soft fluffy hair - will change so quickly. Most clients book me as soon as they know they’re pregnant – that way I can reserve a time-frame for you and ensure availability for when your little bundle arrives.  Once he/she/they've (!) arrived, we can then schedule your preferred newborn session date to coincide with when your baby is 7-10 days new - this is the best time to photograph them as they are most sleepy and curl up adorably into little poses that mimic just how they were positioned in the womb (though newborn sessions can of course still be scheduled for anytime up to a month old.)


Newborn Sessions What to Expect

  • Shoots take place at your home - this enables you to relax in the comfort of your home where you have the convenience of everything you require being to hand. I bring props, blanket backdrops, and everything required for session. If it is more convenient for you to travel to me for the session, this can also be arranged.
  • Importantly, there is no time limit on these sessions - newborn photography requires LOTS of patience to get those beautiful shots and the newborn runs the show - if s/he needs feeding we stop, if s/he needs changing we stop and so on. There is no pressure for the session to end within a certain time frame, ensuring everyone is relaxed. It is advised that you put aside the whole day for the session and avoid scheduling other appointments - I want to ensure I can deliver the best possible images of your little one, and allowing enough time to get all those perfect shots is crucial.
  • We will work together to ensure you get the images you want to look back on in years to come - a timeless heirloom chronicling your babies unique features and character in their first few days of life. The time and energy invested in these sessions is seldom wasted - the end images are well worth it! Upon booking I will send you a detailed guide containing everything you need to know in preparation for the session.


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